Hi, welcome to my web

This is just like a preview of myself in online version. Sometimes I post what I have in my mind, though it doesn’t cover all of my thoughts.

You might find that this is so plain, as I don’t attach photos often on my blog. I couldn’t attach photos for each of my 600s posts here.


About Me


I am Rizqi Fahma (Muhammad Rizqi Fahma), graduated from Urban and Regional Development study programme (Bachelor).

Just graduated from  MSc program at IHS – Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam

Now working as a freelance consultant while building several “startups”

Thank you for visiting, guys!

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Rizqi Fahma

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Back to Read Journals

Just getting more bored reading articles via Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand (two apps that I used the most for reading news update). So, I decided to search something new on google, and stumble upon some academic stuff. And I ended up reading a few journals, which to be honest is more distract-less to read. …

Firmware Akhirnya Terupdate Juga

Alhamdulillah, setelah beberapa bulan terbengkalai karena tidak tahu caranya, akhirnya firmware Linux di laptopku bisa terupdate juga. Sebelumnya saya sudah sangat sering mencoba mengupdate firmware dan apps di Antergos (distro Linux yang saya pakai), hanya saja belum pernah berhasil sama sekali, sehinggaupdate firmware yang “wajib” itu selalu terbengkalai. Saya selalu mendapat notifikasi “error: failed to …