11 Days Of Stuck

No, don’t think that I was stuck in a trap or in a traffic. I stuck in the house, in my parents’ house, due to my illnes. I suffered a smallpox, which had me couldn’t go anywhere. As I said in a post couple of days ago, I felt frustrated for this illness.

I had to cancel an excursion overseas, and absolutely I had to loss much money for that.

It left so many marks on my body and my face. You know, I felt like Bootstrap (a figure in Pirates of The Caribbeean), with face full of spots. Uh, that was terrible. But unfortunately, as time goes by, I am getting better. My body recovers quite well, and my face now looks unlike Bootstrap anymore. There are still a few spots on my face, hopefully they will be faded, along with the spots on my body.

After 11 days stuck, I think I will have to do some things.

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