Tahun 2015

Alhamdulillaah tahun ini lebih baik daripada tahun lalu. Semoga tahun depan lebih baik daripada tahun ini. Terima kasih atas segala kebaikan dan cobaan yang Engkau berikan padaku di tahun 2015 ini, ya Allaah πŸ™‚

My Facebook Friends

Its number grows from about 800 six months ago to more than 1000 today. It is still relatively less than many other people out there who have almost 5000 friends on their facebook. To be honest, I have never aimed to have a big number on the list. Because, I am not sure that either they know me, or I don’t know them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make friends on facebook, but I prefer to have a real friendship rather that just number on the list.

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Hari Sabtu Ini

Tidak banyak hal yang terjadi hari ini. Pasar tradisional yang biasanya buka setiap hari Sabtu dan Selasa di Blaak hari ini tidak buka. Pengajian di ISR malam ini pun tidak diadakan. What a Saturday! πŸ™‚

Top of The Mountain

I want to be there, by myself or with someone?. I will bring some stuff, and enjoy the view from above. Maybe I will draw some sketch, sing some songs, recall some memories, from moments a long time ago, or maybe a moment that still have not happened yet.

Oh Printer

I just have installed my wireless printer. I thought that it would take around 15-30 minutes, instead it took more than an hour, after trial and some errors of course. I expected this wireless printer could be installed easily, because it didn’t require any usb cable to do so. However, it required a wireless setting which was not simple, because I had to do a little configuration on the router, and also the printer. I hope this printah will work well during my study.