Post 300 writings on blog

300 Hundred Posts

Well, I have been writing 300 hundred posts on this blog. No, actually, it is 301 posts including this post. 300 hundred posts in three years and nine months are not bad at all, though, compared to active bloggers, it’s not fascinating.

I started this blog on February 2011, when I was still a graduate student. I wrote mostly in Bahasa Indonesia, which is my first language. But then, I tried to write in English since a year ago. It was an awkward moment for me, because I didn’t used to write in English on my blog. However, I found it interesting, eventually. And sometimes it is easier to express my ideas using English on this blog.

Post 300 writings on blog

301 posts in almost four years mean that I have been writing approximately 100 posts every year. Some people have been writing much more than mine, some claimed that they have been writing almost every day. So, in three years, they could’ve written more than one thousand posts. Oh my God, that’s a huge numbers!

Many posts are good, but that’s not my primary purpose on blogging. The most important thing in blogging for me, personally is how I can enjoy blogging itself, by expressing my ideas or telling about some stories related to me.

Oh, anyway I lost internet connection currently. My internet package on my modem has been expired, and I am not in free wifi area. I am in my dorm, still waiting for a good internet connection for my Smartphone, so I can buy credit to extend my modem’s internet package. And eventually, this post will be online.

[UPDATE] The internet banking site is unavailable. So, probably this post will be published tomorrow.

[UPDATE] Yeah, I published it a day after I finished it.

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