A Wedding Invitation

I got a wedding invitation yesterday. It’s my friend’s invitation, she will get married this month. It was a bit shocking me, since I didn’t know about her relationship with her boyfriend. I mean, I didn’t know that it was that serious. There was nothing like a hype about their relationship, but surely I can’t refuse to say that I am happy with that news.

She was an old friend, we’ve been friends since elementary school. And oh yeah, what makes me surprised about her wedding, is……. her. Yeah, it’s her. She is a tomboy girl, actually. Uhm… don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that a tomboy girl has no chance to get married, but it’s just amazing, that she wants to do it. However, regarding to the age, I think it’s not a bad thing, it’s a great thing otherwise.

I’ve had conversation (with some jokes) about this happily-shockingly news with my friends, they mostly have a same thought with me about it. We didn’t expect it this soon. There are some of our girl friends who we know are really want to get married sooner, but haven’t had a couple yet, and she, who didn’t speak too much about wedding is already on her way to do it. What a good news.

We are salute to her, and so do I. We are so happy to hear that happy news, and wish her a happy wedding, certainly.

Just like it used to be, there would be question to be asked. So, who’s next? Who will be the next one to get married?

We’ll see.

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