About Jobs Movie

Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for a long time to watch this movie. Even before the movie was surely would be produced. Millions of people know about Steve Jobs. And there are many people who really admire him, including me. I’m a big fan of this man. I was curious about him, it started several years ago. And I spent plenty of my time to read, watch, to listen stories about him since I was still in the college.

Yeah, I just downloaded the “Jobs” movie. As I watched the movie, Ashton Kutcher act good as Steve Jobs. He represented the anger, accent, gestures, almost every characteristic of Steve Jobs. There were many stories be told in the movie, but I think there were still many stories that didn’t delivered in the movie. Yes, I know it because I read, watched, and listened many things about him. I read his official biography, the big white colored book.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Actually, it is not the only movie that told story about Steve Jobs, there was a movie titled “Pirates of the Sillicon Valley”. The movie was talking about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I watched the movie more than one two times, because at the first time I didn’t really get the story. After I read many articles about him, the puzzle about him in my mind filled one by one.

Many people really want to know the story about this guy. It would be uncompleted if you only watch the “Jobs” movie, or only read the official biography of him. At least you need to read the other books, articles, and watch plenty of videos about him, and do it as many as you can. Those were what I did.

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