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I watched the movie this afternoon. Obviously it’s not a new movie, An Inconvenient Truth released on 2006. And now it’s already 2014, and it was the first time for me to watch it. So, mathematically, I’m late for seven to eight years to watch it. It is a documentary movie which is talking about global warming. Not a new issue, huh? In this movie, Al Gore gave so many comprehensive data about what is really happen in this world, specifically about the earth’s temperature and the environment all around the world.

For you who doesn’t know who is Al Gore, I’ll give you the clue. He was a vice president of the USA. He said at the beginning of the movie:

I used to be the next president of the USA.

So what does it mean? Yeah you know, he never made it. He didn’t win the president election. But he was the vice president once. Ok, just skip that part. In this post, I’d like to talk about my opinion both the movie and Al Gore himself.

Al Gore

The movie shows how scary the global warming is. Many evidences, not only statistically, but also in reality! Fortunately, all of you already know about what global warming is. However, the movie shows the prediction of the earth’s temperature in decades later. Let’s say fifty years from now. Based on Al Gore’s analysis, he predicted that it would be so dangerous for everyone. It would be the highest temperature on earth ever for the human being. Typhoon, storms, drought, you name it! it would be an unbelievable thing that could happen in the future. And you know what, I’m worried about it.

I cannot imagine, what I would be in the next fifty years. Of course I’ll be an old man (if I still alive). But it doesn’t make me concern. The thing that makes me concern to, is what will happen to my sons, daughters, and my grandchildren. Will they survive with the condition like what Al Gore predicted? Uh, God knows.

Al Gore

You can say that the star of the movie is Al Gore. No doubt. However, I don’t want to talk about politics that might have had a correlation with his status as a former popular politician in the USA. What made me salute to him was the way he delivered the presentation, the way he arranged the slideshows, the way he made a joke, and primarily his vision and thought about global warming itself.

I just realized that he has been started to think about the global warming since he was still young. So, he is not a newbie in this issue. And a person like that is undoubtedly has a clear vision about the global warming. He did it since years and years ago. And now, he is still focus on that way.

Now, the question is what can I learn from him? The answer is mainly, his vision. He sticks to his vision for a long time until now. And I should have it too. It doesn’t mean that I have to focus on global warming issue, but focus on another certain thing that I can enjoy.

Hopefully, I’ll find the answer immediately. And I’ll stick with it in the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth

  1. I have this documentary movie, and watch it several times until I got bored. Unfortunately, my English is kind a broken, so I only got little. By the time goes by, I found your blog coincidentally and all of sudden the enlightenment “punch” my mind.

    1. Glad to hear that you’ve already watched this movie. Actually, I haven’t watched the whole movie. Ouch, your English is getting better, for sure!

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