As a Research Participant

What a nice Tuesday afternoon. We had a coffee time, we got a free coffee from the lecturer. How come? Alright, here is the short story about it. We attended a Data Analysis this morning, and our lecturer introduced us to his friend, a lecturer as well. Our Data Analysis lecturer, Mr. H told us that his friend, Mr. M is conducting a research this time around. Shortly, Mr. M invited us to be his research participants.

The research aimed to discover the impacts of some interventions of lighting in a cafe room towards the visitors. A good topic. And we were really glad, that he would like to invite us to have a free coffee in a nice café. It was planned that we would have to conduct it tomorrow afternoon. However, there was a change. The schedule put in advance, we had to be at the café at this afternoon, soon before the evening.

We got there earlier, and order some menus. Then Mr. M came around as well, and did his experiment about the lighting. We were surprised, cause it was not mainly the “ceiling’s light” he manipulated, the surprise were the couches had some lights below. We didn’t have any idea that there would be some LEDs under the couches, cause they were covered by fabric, and they were not turned on before. the LEDs then turned on after the main light (the ceiling’s light) was turned off.

The experiment went fascinating. We enjoyed all the processes, regardless we got the coffee for free. Yet, the main thing is we had a new experience and some knowledge about research itself. A skill that I am still so lack of.

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