Not for long

It has been a long time since my last post about a month ago. It has been a long time for me to back here again as well, a place where I spent five years to study at a University. I’ve stayed at Pare, Kediri for totally about six months. It’s nice to be back, to write again, to be in Makassar again after about four months left it. There are several reasons why I come back here.

First, it was my plan to come home at February. I planned it since November last year. I have to do several things here, such as to translate my certificate in English and to move my stuff from my old dorm. I think I will not extend the rent, because I’ll stay in Java Island for several months later.


Second, Mount Kelud’s eruption. The neighborhood was still so dusty and I wasn’t sure yet when the situation would be normal again. There are still many students stay at Pare, and I am really salute to them and I hope they stay strong and can enjoy the lessons.

Third, parents wish. They were so worried about my condition at Pare. FYI, Pare is still in Kediri regency’s area. Mount Kelud is located in Kediri, so it’s make sense if they were so worried about me. I thought it was also because of the press who broadcasted the worst situation. But in fact, the condition around the place I stayed didn’t look like that. That’s enough to make your parents got shocked and sad.

Fourth, I need a short break. I’ve taught there (at Pare) for this last few months, it was good for me, however I started to stuck in the class. Sometimes I lost my mood and totally blank to find a better method in teaching. I knew that was a sign that I needed a short break. Hopefully I’ll get my “energy” back, so I can teach much better than before.

Those are the reasons why I decided to come home. The last time I was here was on October. And now it’s late February. There are several things changed on this neighborhood (my dorm), but not too many. I was always want to stay here for longer, however I think at this time I’m ready to say farewell. There are many things to do in the future and I think I’ll start it from another place. Far from here.

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