BBM, oh I Don’t Know Why

Just my own thought

I’d like to speak my mind about the thing which is happening on BBM. I am not sure whether it’s happening on your BBM feeds as well. I don’t know why people always change their display picture (DP) on their BBM. They do it regularly, at least one time every single day. It’s not only happening on the people who use Blackberry, but also in the BBM app on iOS and Android.

I use BBM for Android, I have an amount of 30-40 contacts on my BBM. Almost everyone in my contact change both their DP and their status. Status changing makes sense, I think. Cause it can reflect their situation at the time. though one picture represents a bunch of stories, but I think changing display picture two or more times a day is not normal. Yeah, I know some of them use BBM to promote their stuffs.

Sometimes I see they change their DP to be their own selfie photos, and sometimes I see that their DP is just a copy from others. What I am trying to underline here is it’s not original. At least try to be more creative, not just copy and set it as your DP and pretend that it’s your creation.

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