BDay 2014

Time has gone so fast, dude. I can’t hardly realize that there are so many things happened in this last one year. Last year, I “celebrated” my birthday alone in the ice cream shop, somewhere in Pare, Kediri. It was pathetic obviously, because it was so far from my hometown. I didn’t mind it, cause I don’t celebrate my birthday, actually. I am just not used to do it. However, this year is different. I celebrate my birthday. With someone of course.

This year is my 24th anniversary. It’s so much different than last year’s. I am not alone. We went to eat out (or whatsoever) in the capital city of Indonesia. So, we departed from our own place  (different location to each other), took a ride for at least one hour (I spent about 3-4 hours) to get to Jakarta. And we went to Japanese resto. It was the first time for me to eat in a place like that. The meals are good, tasty, but unfortunately we couldn’t eat all of the foods. It’s an all you can eat, but we couldn’t finish them all.

I am really thankful to God, cause I am still alive, in healthy condition, have some good friends, and still on the track to reach a higher education in a fine school.

I have to thank to someone who celebrates my birthday with me, which is the first time for me in my whole life. She’s really good to me, whereas, I didn’t do anything like this when she had her birthday. Shame on me.

I don’t send any birthday invitations to my friends, or even my relatives. And I am so sorry for that, because now, I just can’t celebrate it (don’t make any birthday party).

I was so touched, when my friends sent me birthday wishes. Oh guys, thank you very much for that. Uhm, anyway, I just remember it. The birthday wishes! What are my BDay wishes/resolutions? I guess it’s important, too. Here you are:

  1. I want to study well, hard, and achieve a high GPA for my graduate program (yeah, I’ll try it).
  2. I want to get a scholarship to study abroad.
  3. I want to have a job, at least a part time job to fund my own tuition fees and my living cost.
  4. I want to buy a guitar (again), or any musical instrument, so I can create a music to entertain me and some people. Oh yeah, I heard that playing music instrument is good for brain as well. That’s why I want to have an instrument.

Those are my priorities in this birthday. I still set the “get a scholarship to study abroad” in my resolution, cause I didn’t realize it last year. The dream to study abroad is still on. It’s too early to give up, when some of my friends are already in foreign countries to study.


Having a girlfriend is good. For some reasons, it’s important, cause the aim of having a girlfriend is to prepare her to be the wife. About who will be the one, let’s see what will happen next.

Again, thank you so much for you who already gave me a birthday wish, and thank you for giving me a birthday celebration. God bless you!


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