changed-again password wifi

Before it Changes

Hurry up!

Now I’m listening to Knife Party’s song, “Internet Friends”. Usually I listen to Skrillex’s songs, but now I change it to the other EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artist. While listening to the music, I’m typing this post. You know what? I’m in hurry now! How could it be? Because, I worry if the wifi password will be changed again. In these 3 days, the password changed two times. That’s not a good news at all! That’s not funny either.

changed-again password wifi

I’m really concern to this situation. I want to connected to the internet 24/7. Yes, 24/7. I’m not kidding! I need the internet connection to publish my posts to my blog. I promised to myself to write at least one post every day. So far, I could make it, even though for some occasions, I couldn’t make a regular post for the day, but I published it in the next day, though.

So that was it, my post for today. Actually I wanted to write more about my disappointment about this wifi issue. But, as I said before, I’m in hurry now! So, I’m gonna publish it soon.

And now you read it.

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