Blog is like a house

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I wrote some lines about the introduction for this post before. However, I deleted them all. I guess that those were too “mainstream” to be written in this topic. Yeah, I am about to write a post about blog. For you, who wants to find some deep posts related to this topic, you can find them on other websites, or blogs. In this post, I just want to write about my self-centric opinion about blog.

There are so many social media or apps out there to be places to share some thoughts or to share about your life. Among those stuff, I still consider blog is one of the best places to do it.

Blog is like a house

So, here you go, what is blog for me.

Blog is a place to post my random writing with random topics that I consider that nobody wants to take care about it.

Blog is a place where you can participate online without having to feel biased by your friends like on other social media/apps. Or you don’t want your friends on your social media friends list will directly see your post right after you post it, because it’s on other place.

Blog is like a house that you can put on a remote area or close to the main road which can attract people to come. In this case, I put my “house” on a remote area, where I can be relaxed, far away from the crowd. Unlike the other social media platforms, blog is relatively less distracting for me. Since, I can only see my dashboard and be more focus on what I want to write.

I can write as long as I want, unlike twitter that limits your post to have only 140 characters. I know, at some points, that limitation is good if you just want to write a short post about your random thought. And, compared to Facebook, I know that Facebook has a feature call notes (or stuff like that), but you know, the feature has a limited tools, you cannot write your own customized post like you can do with wordpress.

People can read your blog without being a friend of you. In some cases, it’s good, if you are really want to let people know about your posts. Otherwise, if you don’t want people to read your post, you can mark your post as private. Sometimes you need to hide your post.

One of the best things of having a blog is you can have some random new friends from different places all around the world. It’s not like you have friends on other social media, but here, you make friends differently, it’s like to have more engaged connection, unlike getting friends by clicking “add friend” or “follow” button.

Blog is like a “different zone” for me, where the nuance is different from the other social media platform. It’s not full of show off things which people always do on the other social media.

Those are some opinions about blog from me, maybe in the future I will change or add some more opinions about it. Above all, for me, blog is still the best platform to “actualize” myself online with my own style.

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