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Years ago when I was still in the undergraduate program, I had a target to buy at least one book every month. I did, at least I bought one book every month. Instead, I often bought more than one book every month. Mostly, I bought books which were not directly related to my courses at that time.

I bought nearly a hundred books for the years back then. But unfortunately, it then stopped. I had not bought any books for a while, it was when I started to focus on my final assignment. And for the next few months, I didn’t buy any book.

I felt that there was something missed, I missed the moments when I was like, trying to find the book that I wanted, looked it up from one shelf to another. However, it was actually something that I hardly need. I was actually needed to stop adding new books that I didn’t read until finish. Yeah, I bought books that I didn’t finish yet. And there were many.

Now I Have to Do it Again

After months without buying any book, I started to buy book again on a regular basis. For these last several months, I have bought tens of books and most of them are related to courses that I study currently. However, it’s different now, because most of them are written in English. Years ago, I have never bought any English written book except English course book.

There are many things that I could learn from the books, some of them are actually make more sense when they are written in English rather than translated in Bahasa Indonesia. It gave me more insights when I read them, and for that, I had to read them over and over again.

Now, as I said before, I have a bunch of books. And it will work if I read them. So now, as far as I buy book every month on a regular basis, I have to remember to read them. At least there’s a page turned every month. No, just kidding. Every day, of course.

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