Changed My Playlist For A Little While

It’s been tens of hours that I don’t play any EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks on my playlist. I changed it to a “normal playlist” which has pop, rock, metal, alternative songs in it. CMIIW then if I said the wrong genres for songs from Evanescence, 30 Seconds to Mars, Alterbridge, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Augustana, Edwin McCain, Eric Clapton, Ne-Yo, New Kids On The Block (NKOTB), Owl City, Rivermaya, One Direction, Switchfoot, Ocean Colour Scene, etc.

I picked them randomly, still with my preference of course. And no any EDM songs at all. Yeah, just for a little while, because I am honestly couldn’t lose all of my EDM collections for more than one day.

How do I feel?

I feel different, I mean, it is slightly different when I used to listen to EDM tracks for hours and hours, and now, for these last tens of hours, I didn’t. It feels different as I said before, like I just got some flashbacks from the past regrading to the song that played on my playlist. Like currently, I am listening to Owl City’s Fireflies, which reminds me my sophomore, when I used to listen to this song many times. It sounds fun, sometimes it has some surprises in it. Oh yeah, and this song is also remind me of a field trip with my classmates to Toraja.

My friends asked if there was someone who had a flashdisk with songs in it to be played in the car, and I said yes. This “Fireflies” song was one of the songs in my flashdisk, and my friends looked enjoy the song. It wasn’t so popular back then, until several months later when it played in almost all of the radio stations, and tv, and of course on the phone.

So, what else?

Not listening to any EDM tracks, and gave it to the normal playlist makes me feel like enjoying my work. I am not sure if it will last for a long time, since it is just for a little while. I am not get bored with EDM, I just want a different thing on my playlist.

Giving up EDM for a while, and switched it to some regular songs make me feel a bit calmer. Yes I do. It doesn’t feel like I am in rush when I am listen to them as I sometimes had when I listened to some high tempo traks. I am not saying that all of EDM tracks are high tempo tracks, but that’s just how I feel sometimes. Yeah, I have some tropical house EDM tracks, which have a slower tempo.

It feels I can see colors that I haven’t seen for years. Colors that I used to see when those songs dominated my playlists. However, I don’t forget that EDM showed me a more colorful world which was different and feels so alive since I started to listen to it intensely years ago. I can’t turn my back on EDM, since I am a big fan of it.

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