The Cherry Tomatoes

Cute Tomatoes

I bought a pack of cherry tomatoes yesterday. I realized that I needed more “natural and healthy supplement”, following my “lack of nutrition”. I knew these from my friend, he said that they are good for our bodies, and I just browsed and found that it contains much water, vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidant, and low calorie. I guess it’s enough to replace the baby carrots that I used to eat a few weeks ago.

I used to eat baby carrots since a few months ago, due to my eyesight’s decline. However, I stopped it, because sometimes I didn’t eat them all. It was kind of weird to eat carrots that way, eat them like snacks during my spare time in the dorm.

The Cherry Tomatoes

The Cherry Tomatoes

Now, since I didn’t eat baby carrots for a few weeks, I thought that I needed to find an alternative. Baby carrot, it is. It looks cute, though the taste is weird to me. Well, I think I have to get used to it.

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