December 6th, 5 Years Ago

I will never forget that night. A night at Malino, December 6th, 2009. A long night when I lost one of my very best friends ever. We just knew each other for a few years. Though we came from a same hometown, but we went to different schools. I thought that he was an arrogant boy at the early time when we met. I knew that he came from a rich family. However, he was not like what I thought before.

We went to a same campus, same faculty, but in different majors. I was in Urban Planning study program, and he was in Industrial Engineering. Yet, we were members of a local based organization, it was like a representative of our region’s students who went to a same campus. We were involved in several events, and we knew each other well soon.

After involved in some different events, we knew each other better. He was not like a person that I thought before. He was a humble person, not an arrogant one. Though he came from a rich family, but he didn’t wear fancy clothes. He wore a worn-out clothes instead. Once I saw him wore a torn and old t-shirt, and I was like, thinking that, “are you kidding me, dude? Why you wear that old t-shirt, while you can buy a fancy one?” that’s him, he didn’t want to act like what a rich boy usually does.

We knew each other better day by day, especially days before our most recent event. I was the chief of that event, and we shared many things about our ideas regarding to the event. He was closer to me than him to his “original gang”, yes, that was something I felt different. We were friends, but never been closer like that before. I saw his face looked anxious.

So, the event held on a high altitude place, it was a cold place. We arranged many things, my friends did most of the stuff. I thought that I didn’t do many things as a chief should’ve done. I admit that.

We played football in the morning, while the new members were having a class session. And in the afternoon we played a swing like kids, yeah, we were happy like kids, though. We took some pictures, I still have his picture. Then we discussed about a game that he’d plan, I suggested several things about the game, and he agreed about that. It was very nice to see him happy.

In the night, we had a short sleep, minutes before the “scary” games. We made some jokes with others during the night. Nobody knew that it was minutes before the accident.

All of the boys were woken up, including us. We did our own job, prepared the game, etc. I was sitting on a concrete. I saw him running, and disappeared. I heard the sound of his footsteps, but then it was changed. I heard something hit the ground, and a girl was shouting. He felt on the ground.

I was thinking that it was just a minor fallen. But no, it was not. He lost his consciousness. People were panic, I ran to the crowd, and saw his face so pale. He had asthma, and he forgot to bring the inhaler. Oh my God, I just knew that he had that. My friends picked him to a local clinic. It went so fast.

Meanwhile, the ones who were still in the location were asked to pray for him. I was still sure that he would be fine. I convinced my friends not to be panic, just keep pray for him. However, the girls were still crying.

Minutes gone, and finally my friends who picked him by cars came back to the cottage. He was crying and hugged me. He whispered me that our friend has passed away. Hmmm…. I couldn’t believe that.

How come someone that was still with you minutes ago just passed away that quick. I tried to keep my mind, tried to convince myself that it was not happening. I saw people around, some still told me that he just passed away. Oh, it was happening. Everyone was crying. Including me.
It was so unbelievable.

I couldn’t stop crying for hours.

His parents came to pick the body, they were moving so fast. I think they were driving on more than 100 km/h, because it was a long distance between the clinic and his parents’ house. it was approximately more than 200 kms, and they reached the place just about an hour. I was so sad, and scared at the same time, because I was the person in charge.

Thank God, his parents are kind people. Though his father said that he was almost “storm” us who were in charge. However, he didn’t do it, he realized that though he do it, it would not bring his son to live again. I really respect him, personally.

He, who passed away that night was a very kind guy. Everyone saluted him for his kindness.

He was not just a friend to me, we were like brothers that time. I wanted to share some stories about him to his parents, about the chronology, about the time before he passed away, but unfortunately I still couldn’t find a right moment to say that.

Like I said before, it was happening in a short time. I couldn’t believe that it would happen so fast, we were just having some jokes minutes ago. However, God decided that we had to be in separated worlds. I am still in this world, just like you guys, and he is in a different world.

Goodbye one of best friends ever, goodbye, bro!

Goodbye, H. Muhammad Adnan Syein.

We will never forget you!

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