Don’t Dream, You Fell Asleep

I just waken up this morning at 5.30 am. I didn’t realize that I fell asleep last night, after coming dorm lately. I planned to wake up at 1 am last night, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. I planned to wake up to do my duty, Data Analysis. Yes, I set my alarm to 1 am, but soo damn, I couldn’t manage to open my eyes to wake up, I turned off the alarm and back to sleep instead.

It was not the first time, actually. It happened several times. I can’t say that I didn’t have a strong will, I was just too tired, obviously. And I think the cold temperature made me easier to fall asleep than stay awake to finish all those duties.

After experiencing this, I think, a plan to wake up in the middle of the night is just a dream. And of course I need to change the way I do it. I think it will be better if I just stay awake before sleep and wake up again. Though it will be so back breaking, but it’s better than wake up in the morning and realize that I didn’t finish my duty.

Alright, it’s Friday, guys. It will be weekends again! However, I still can’t feel free at all. I still have a bunch of duties to finish. It’s 6.35 am, time to start another thing. I mean time to have a breakfast.

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