Don’t Forget About the Door

You are not supposed to forget about something that protects you from many things. That thing for instance is the door. I was cleaning my dorm’s door, which I rarely do. I removed an ugly sticker in front side of my door. And while I did that, I unconsciously realized something. It was about a philosophic thing. It was about protection.

That door has been protecting me from the dust, wind, the rain water, the cold weather, intruder, noise, and avoiding people to see me from the outside. And oh yeah, I almost forget it, it muffles the sound from my room, so I can turn my music out loud.

I realized that I might have not given much care to it. The ugly sticker was already stuck there for months, but I didn’t remove it. And you know, sometimes we don’t really mean to see the door, because whenever we got in front of the door, the only thing that we have in our mind is how to unlock the door quickly and do some other things as quick as you can. It seems that we don’t really care about the door’s existence. Oh my God. Is that a sin? You name it.

As I said before, it is philosophic. Though it’s just like a simple thing, but think what will happen if you don’t have a door in your room? Do you want to let people see you from the outside while you’re changing clothes? Do you want to let them come to your room easily without any obstacle? Do you want to let strangers know what you are doing inside by letting them see you from the door frame? And so on and so on.

That’s a thought that I got this morning. And by the way, I am now listening to 3 Doors Down, “Never Will I Break”. It was coincidentally, that I listened to the band’s songs while I was cleaning the door.

I think I will have to have a deeper thought about the door.

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