Eat the Cake Again

Oh I almost forgot to write about it. Couple of days ago, my mom sent me my favorite cake, pallu butung. She sent it via my aunt. I was so happy, that I could eat the cake again, after months haven’t tasted it. It was not easy, because the cake had to travel thousands of miles away through land, sea, and air.

I felt so touched, because my mom woke up so early to make the cake. She bought the banana in super early morning, by walk she said. The result was so nice. My mom made a lot of it, and I gave some of it to my friends, and glad to hear that they liked it. I ate bowls of the cake, but unfortunately it wasn’t finished. The cake was too much for me. I am sorry, mom, I couldn’t finish it.

Maybe it was because my mom made it so enthusiastic. She wanted to give her son not only the best she could, but also the most she could. I love the cake she made, the best one, much better than the most expensive cake in the malls or wherever else.

Thank you for the cake, mom.

Oh yeah, I have to thank for my aunt and my uncle who just visited me several days ago.

I love you, mom.

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