Enjoy My Freedom?

One of my classmates has a son, and I was asking him how old his son was. He said that he is one and something year old. I was thinking that his son was already two or more years old at that time. Then he asked me, how many kids I have. It was an easy question, the answer is I still don’t have any kid yet, since I haven’t get married, as well. Well, he said, “enjoy your freedom” with a smile on his face.

I don’t know for sure, it seems that it must be difficult. Having a kid must be challenging, you have to raise him/her with your wife and try to address the problem that you will face together. I am not an expert in this thing actually, but I think that’s the art of life. To have a responsibility for someone or some people’s life will be a life changer. And for me, it will apply as well. I cannot be alone forever, I will need someone to live with, and define our own freedom together.

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