Farewell of A Lecturer

We had a farewell party of a lecturer in our campus yesterday afternoon. I was kinda shocked when I got an email from our campus about his farewell party. I thought that he would have a few years remaining to teach.

Although he did not teach me in any of my specialization course, but he taught us in our early courses lately last year. It was fun, anyway.

From those days back then when he taught us, I saw that he was not just teaching us about the course itself, but more to enjoy the learning process. Or it might bigger than that, it was how to find fulfillment in our lives.

I know that it sounds abstract or sorta, but it really is. I mean, studying in any school, in any course, it is not just how to get good grades, but also how to enjoy the process and build a good relationship with people around us, trying to figure out problems that lying all over us, even though they are just simple or might be silly in other people’s point of view. But hey, people do miss a lot of meaningful simple things, just to align themselves with the current “boring” stuff.

I felt lost about it of course, and I will be missing him as well. There seems to be

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