Finally It’s Out (Marshmello’s Where Are U Now)

I’ve been waiting for this official remix of Jack U’s “Where Are U Now” (featuring Justin Bieber) for weeks. It was in Skrillex’s video on youtube, a video that collaborated him and google’s product (CMIIW). Though, it was just a preview as a backsound. And I was really curious with the song.

Actualy, I had already have it before the official one was uploaded by Marshmello on Soundcloud. I got that somewhere on the internet. I wasn’t sure that it would be the same as the official one. However, it’s better to have the official one, anyway.

Alrhighty then, this is it, Jack U feat Justin Bieber – Where Are U Now (Marhsmello Remix), Enjoy!

NB, if you can’t play it on your browser, just go to¬†Marshmello – Where Are U Now (Remix)

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