First Day of the New Periode

Welcome, new comers!

Yesterday was the first day for the new period in my course. I got to teach in memorizing and speaking class. In memorizing, I was only teach two students out of 4 students who should be in the class. So, where were the other two students? Some said that they would attend the class by next week. It was nice actually, because both of them have good English. So, I didn’t have to explain many things.

After teaching the memorizing class, I had plenty of time until the next class. I spent the break to edit some photos to be uploaded on the social media. It was nice as well, because by doing so, I could express my creativity through the images.


In the afternoon, I taught speaking class. It was raining, so I should teach them under the roof. The ex Integrated and Foundation class students didn’t experience the difficulties to speak in front of the others, but it was a big deal for the new comers. There were three new comers in the class, both of them refused to speak. They were lack of confident. So it was hard to ask them to speak.

After minutes to ask them, I changed my mind. I had to let them bring their papers in front of the class. Obviously I didn’t want them to bring the papers, but I didn’t have any option. they have to speak in front of the class for totally 8 minutes (divided by two, 3 and five minutes each session). It was just an excuse I gave to them, and we made a deal that the next day, they would not be allowed to bring the papers.

That was the reality in teaching, sometimes we have to change a method to improve the students’ skill.

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