First Time to Handle IELTS Class

Whatever happen I have to try it

Today is the first time for me to handle the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) class at my course. It was a bit shocking for me, because I was never imagine that I would handle this class. Actually, I got the notification about it approximately a month ago. However, I didn’t really sure about that. I thought it was just a joke.

It was not stopped, couple weeks ago, I still heard about that issue. I still didn’t get it, why should me? But still, I was just 30% sure about it. And last week, I knew that it was for sure, that I will handle the class. It really came true. I had to handle the class for two days, in case for replacing the main tutor who would take the real IELTS test tomorrow.

IELTS | Background:

So how was it going on?

Thank God, it went well. Even though I was not expert in IELTS, but I could manage the class. I mean I could control the situation, make the students enjoy the class.

The first schedule for today was scoring. They got listening, and then reading test. After that we recessed for thirty minutes and continued the class with discussing about the answers. Some of them got problems in lower and upper cases, capital letters, and mistyping. Those were common mistakes in IELTS test, obviously. So, I was always warned them to pay attention in those areas. I said do not under estimate the upper and lower cases. It is a simple thing, but it matters!

After having “sholat Jum’at”, I opened the class by singing songs. Yes, we sang songs. It was good to refresh their mind, to make them feel relaxed. We were doing ASL dance as well, again it was for making them relaxed. After that, I offered them two choices, the first one was to do reading and discuss it until recess, or watch a documentary movie about food. I offered them that movie, because in my experience, the movie was giving knowledge when I got IELTS writing test about food in particular.

And in the latest schedule today, I gave them material about IELTS speaking. It is really important for them to know more about this skill, because in IELTS, you will have speaking test beside listening, reading, and writing of course.

So, that was my first time to handle the IELTS class, guys. Even though I was not the “master” of IELTS, but it was a challenge for me. At least I knew some things and had experiences about IELTS. So why didn’t I tried to share it? And yes, I did. Again, whatever happen, show must go on!

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