I am really pleased with the free upgrade that Microsoft offered for the users. I was the one among hundreds of millions or maybe billions of Windows users who got the notification of the upgrade. I couldn’t wait to get the upgrade, since my laptop was always got lags, especially the audio’s. I got the upgrade, I installed it. And, it’s been a week already.

I am so amazed with the new UI (user interface), although some of them are too big for me, but overall, I am satisfied with them. One feature that I discovered nice was the Task View, which you could use by hitting the windows logo and tab together. I could see all the apps and choose the one that I wanted to switch to. It’s not only about the appearance, though. The performance has upgraded well enough.

Windows 10 wallpaper motogp
My Windows 10 (Yeah I am a Casey Stoner Fan)

One thing that I really noticed was the audio. I don’t know exactly how to say it, but since I upgraded my Windows to the newest one, the audio lag of my laptop has become less than before. It was so frustrating to have the audio lag, especially when I really enjoyed the song played on my laptop. Now, it’s getting less, though the audio lag hasn’t gone at all.

Thank you Microsoft for providing us the free upgrade, I hope this new version will keep better and better over time, so we won’t hear more and more complaints about the product like what happened with the Windows 8 before, which I actually didn’t really like, too.

[P.S] I upgraded my Windows 7 to the Windows 10. I used Windows 8 on my mom’s laptop.

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