It’s still 2013, fellas!

Maybe I’m a bit too late to say welcome to December. But guess what, I don’t mean to welcome to this last month of the year. I just want to say hi to this first weekend of the month. Since I promised to myself to keep writing every day, I had to find a single topic to write daily. And yeah, you know what, actually I don’t have to plan what to write on this post. I just want to write whatever that crosses my mind.

This is it, I’d like to tell my activities since morning. This morning I woke up as usual, it was about 5 AM. Then I prayed, brushed my teeth and handle a memorizing evaluation for the students in my course. The evaluation requires the students to memorize 25 titles of conversations. It ranged from about six lines of conversations to more than twenty lines of conversations texts. For a student who has a good memorizing skill, it would be not a big deal. But those were English conversations and it should be done in one and a half hours.

First weekend of this December

Was that challenging? Well, you can say that again! Heee heee… for instance, when I was still a student, I couldn’t manage to memorize more than twenty titles. So for me, it was normal to see the students couldn’t memorize up to 20 titles.

After finishing the evaluation as a “supervisor”, I began to “play” my laptop. Yeah you know, this is weekend. And I was about too lazy to go somewhere else, considering the weather was not friendly then. So, I spent hours in front of my laptop, to surf the internet, and to watch movies.

That’s my weekend for this first December, how’s yours?

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