Fooled by A Fake Ebook Site

What a shame! I spent tens of hours searching for an ebook, that so far doesn’t available for free yet. You don’t have to ask why I do it, cause you know the answer, that I am looking for a free source. I don’t have any credit card or some money on my bank account to buy ebook online. Alright, I was trying to find an ebook that contains definition related to Urban Design, the book was “An Introduction to Urban Design” written by Jonathan Barnett.

Briefly, I finally got the download link for that ebook for free from my classmate. The site was www.ebookon*****.com. Ah, what a nice email from my friend. Thank you, bro! however, it turned out the link was disappointing, although I could download the ebook file. It required a password which can be accessed online by fulfilling a survey. After plenty of time trying, including the alternatives beside fulfilling the survey, it was not working. No password found. Damn!

Then I was starting to feel frustrated. I couldn’t finish my duty, if I couldn’t find the ebook. So, I was back to the site, the goddamn site. Eventually I found the answer in their DMCA page, a message actually, for us who want to read/own a paid book for free. Here is the content of the DMCA page.


This page is for those who are the owners or having permissions of the books that were postest on this public ebook library. We are so sorry because your books appeared on this site. But all download links of the books are not working or they are fake. It is just a joke for those who want to read some paid books for free. You can download and test what I say, all books have the same download link ( and the password is not working. But if you don’t want your books continue to appear on this site, or you have any question & suggestion & notification, please contact us, we will remove it immediately. Thank you very much.”

What a nice joke, dudes!

Thank you for wasting my time digging up for the GODDAMN password which does not exist for your GODDAMN fake ebook, www.ebookon*****.com.

2 thoughts on “Fooled by A Fake Ebook Site

    1. Honestly, I was just telling my friend that the site was fooling us. No real ebook found. Hehe, felt like so dumb, bro. Got fooled by the GODDAMN site.
      The punch will be just block the site or report it as spam. Hehehe.
      You are amazing, too, brother!

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