I should’ve done it yesterday

Today is actually December 7th, I write it to “pay my writing debt” for yesterday. I didn’t write any post yesterday on my blog. Now I’m on a mission to write a post regularly every day. Ok, so what I supposed to write here? Just a simple story, though. I just want to write about my activity, particularly about writing class that I taught yesterday.

It was the last day for this week to me to teach the students at Foundation class. Foundation class is sort of a class for “beginners” in my course. This week I got a duty to teach in two classes, memorizing class and writing class.

Dec. 6th, It was yesterday

I am not an expert on writing, but I got some experiences about it. This is actually my first week to teach in writing class. So, at the first day I taught them, I was a little bit worry, whether they would understand the materials or not. But day by day, it was just flowing. No big worry about it. I was just give them a post to finish during the class and one as a homework.

Almost all of them finished the duty right on time. Only one of them who couldn’t manage to finish the duties right on time.

So, writing class, that was it. I don’t know for the next week, what class I will teach. Whatever it will, just let it be. Ha!

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