Good to See the Sun Again

It’s Wednesday, fellas. A sunny day! I am so happy to see the sunshine again after several days covered by the cloud. Thank God, We just have done our presentation today. Though it was not really good, but at least one duty is already done. Still, I still have many duties to do. It’s not only about school duty, but also some daily needs that I have to do. I need to clean up my room, I got some dishes to clean, and of course some clothes to wash.

Got a good news, a class has been cancelled due to it lecturer will have a schedule this afternoon. So, yeah, I went back to my dorm room. My friend contacted me earlier to go back to the dorm, because he needed to take a key.

Oh, I remember something. My clothes!

Excuse me, I’d like to wash my clothes. Wanna make a cappucino first.

Oh, thank God, it’s sunshine. Good day, all!

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