Got the Desirable Discussion

I just came from a meetup with some friends and my previous lecturer. It was just a short meetup, actually, and there was no plan to arrange it. I got the text from my lecturer that he would be here for a while, and would be back home tomorrow morning. He was my lecturer when I was in an undergraduate program.

I contacted my friends who were still in town this afternoon, asked if they could meet tonight. And fortunately, they could make it. We discussed many things, but mainly about academic stuff. We were talking about the future jobs as well, some of us, or let’s say all of us wanted to be lecturers in our previous campus, in Hasanuddin University. Though, it seems that it would be hard to be so.

Prior to the meetup, I was wondering about a discussion. A different discussion that would talk about some fresh things, or at least some similar topics but with different approach. It was because, I spent most of my time these last several months with same people. I needed to have some different views about things, and thank God, I got it tonight.

The discussion was really interesting and engaging, and I got some lessons to be learned regarding to my future plan. I got some more considerations, and they will be useful to be used from now on. Shortly, the discussion was the one that I wanted. I was really happy with that.

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