Handling the IELTS Evaluation

Ok guys, today I had a quite tight schedule. In the morning, I provided the IELTS evaluation (listening, reading, and writing). To do so, I had to prepare the question sheet, answer sheet, typescript, and the audio. I prepared them since the day before until 3 am in the night. To know about the difficulties of the evaluation, I had to measure myself to do the scoring. I did the listening test and I thought it was not really difficult.

We started the scoring at 7.30 am, and all the members (students) were focused to answer the questions. I saw them a bit nervous, even though it was only an evaluation, but they looked serious. I liked that actually, because they paid attention a lot to the evaluation, I loved to see them strived in the evaluation.


IELTS Evaluation

After they finished the listening and reading test, I asked them to do the writing, and it was funny, because I asked them to finish both of the writing test, part 1 and part 2. However, there were only part 1 writing answer sheet on that morning. So, I cancelled the part 2. I asked them to finish the IELTS writing test part 1. And they got 20 minutes to do that.

Continued to IELTS speaking test

This was the most exhausting part. Yep, the speaking test, because it was only me who handle the class. And I had to examine twelve students, each of them spent 10 to 15 minutes. I started at 1.00 pm, and finished it at 4.30. I didn’t blame anyone who didn’t help me at that time, because frankly I didn’t ask anyone else to help me. I just didn’t want to disturb anyone else, moreover I wanted to test myself, how far I could survive to organize the test.

I was weary, but it really worth for me. I think it will be a benefit for me in the future, and I’m still looking for more experiences about it.

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