Happy to Swim Again

I went to the swimming pool this afternoon. It’s been more than half a year that I haven’t swum again since I left my hometown. I planned to swim several times before, but never made it. Yesterday I went to the pool, but unfortunately it was too late for me, because it was already 5 pm. The swimming pool closed for public at 5 pm. Thank God, I could make it today.

I went to the swimming pool by myself, though I prefer to go to the pool with my friends. They got their own things to do.

I didn’t swim too much, I was just relaxing my body, my muscles, and my mind. It was nice to see the water again, moved my body in it, and felt the waves around. It reminded me moments a year ago, when I went to the pool with some friends in Kediri, East Java. I miss those moments, when we were having fun during the time.

So, it was the first time for me to swim in the campus’ pool. It was a bit awkward at the beginning, since I didn’t so familiar with the ticketing (it was located 30 yards from the entrance) and also with the facilities. The change room placed in the ground floor, and the pool was on the up level. I guess I will be familiar with it, because I will be there a few times a week or a maybe month.

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