Hello from Antergos

Hi there, back again talking about my linux experience, or let’s say, my linux adventure. Now I am writing this post from my Antergos linux, after reinstalling it, and finally got it work on my laptop. Yes, I get rid off my Linux Mint which I have mentioned it earlier this morning on my previous post. I had my Linux Mint work quite well, but there was always something that made me want to give a shot to Antergos again -after failed  over and over again on the installation. I love the appearance of Antergos, and quite happy with the performance as well, though I still need time to get used to it.

To make sure that the certain linux distro runs well on my laptop, I need to try it (by using live usb), install it, and finally restart my machine. I did it to almost all of linux distros that I have tried on live usb, and it was only a few of them which worked well, on my laptop. Well, I might have made all of them work, but unfortunately, my linux skill is still very limited, and I did not have much more desire to risk my laptop to lose all the data. In fact, I have taken a lot of risks by trying and installing those distros (Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Mint, Antergos, Arch, and Solus) over and over again.

I did all of my effort to run those distros on my laptop in these last couple of days, and I must say, that in some extents, it was frustrating.  I am a kind of guy who doesn’t accept any system failure on my laptop. I am always trying to find out how I can overcome my laptop’s issues, and I always did it. So, there was no excuse for me to not let Antergos run well on my laptop. Especially after I could finally made Linux Mint ran well on my laptop. Yeah, I have tried over and over again, as I mentioned earlier.

Now I am writing this post from my Antergos linux, still with the same machine that I have been using since last year, which is a Toshiba Satellite.

I love Antergos, though, it is suits me better than the other distros. But maybe I will give a shot to other distros as well. I will tell you on my next linux adventure.


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