I am in the Library

It’s always nice to be in the library. Especially if the library provides a veeery faaaast internet connection for you, and for free, for sure! It’s Monday, and it’s better to be in the campus area, even though I don’t have any class today. I have a duty for my History and Urban Design Theory class, so that’s the main reason for me to be here. At least I feel a different atmosphere here than my last couple weeks before.

In the first fifteen minutes, I was so enthusiastic to read the paper that the lecturer asked to read. We have a duty to read a part of a book, then present it in the next few days. There will be an affirmative team, and another team will be the opposite. Yeah, that’s true, we will have a debate!

Ok, where was I? Aha, in the library. One of the best places to enjoy your time while you’re still young (like me) :-). Speaking about the internet connection, the wifi was soo freaking fast, dude. The fastest wifi I ever get. I was just waiting for tens of minutes to download more than 500mbs file. Shhhh… very fast! However, it’s not like what I expected. I expected that it would be finished in next few seconds. No, It wasn’t, the connection was stopped, due to an issue that I didn’t understand why. It was suddenly stopped. The feeling was, like you ride your bike in the last lap in a motogp race, but you got a mechanical problem in the final corner. Of course you will not finish the race. What the heck!

Let me guess, maybe because it was lunchtime, so the officer turned off the network just for an hour, or there was an electricity issue here, or maybe somebody out there had bitten the fiber optic cable (I am not really sure someone would do that for a dollar, though).

Or hey, maybe my daily free internet quota has been run out. FYI, we only have 700mbs or something per day to access the internet using the campus’ wifi. Last file I tried to download was about 60 mbs, but before that I downloaded a 500mbs or something (which was not finished). And, before that, I am not sure how many megabites I used today.
So guys, here I am. In the library, still working on my duty, and still waiting for the internet connection.

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