I Am Losing It, But Thank God

This is the first time I lost it. I am not used to be this messy. I lost my wallet this afternoon, and I realized it lately when I was on my way back to my dorm. Fortunately, I was still in the campus so I could back to the studio to look for my wallet. Me and my friends couldn’t find it, then we started to speculate about where and when actually my wallet lost.

Then we tried to search for it again, but there was nothing. My friend told about it to another class. Someone said that he was asked by the canteen’s keeper about a wallet that she found. That was a bright point, it might be my wallet. So I tried to find her, but unfortunately, it was already evening. She was already home. Luckily, I got her number, then I called her, and yes, she said that she found a wallet, but didn’t sure about the owner of that wallet.

I asked about the color, it was black, she said. I was pretty sure that it was mine, regarding the color, which was black. I hope that’s a positive sign that that was my wallet.

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