I am Using it To Post This Writing

Hoy fellas, I am here again to tell you that I forgot to tell you this thing. Yeah, several weeks ago, I promised to tell you about this gadget that I am using to write now. This is a Samsung Galaxy Core (GT-I8262).

It is not an expensive one if you compare it to Samsung Galaxy S3 to the newest, S5 or the iPhone. However, it’s quite enough for me. Enough to capture photos and videos, listen to the music, use social media, record my voice, to write some posts, and of course do text and phone call.

Previously, I used Samsung Galaxy Mini, which is already obsolete nowadays. Uhm… I just want to tell you  that my current android phone, this Galaxy Core is working well, though sometimes I found it wasn’t work well as I expected. For instance, the Path app is always crashed. And it makes me frustrated, and makes me think to unistall the app, which is a sign for me to say goodbye to Path.

It is not only Path, actually. The Gallery is sometimes crashed as well. The things that rarely happened on my Galaxy Mini. However, there are some plus points of this phone. The camera is better, it has a bigger memory size, so does the screen size and of course faster processor.

So, which one do I prefer to choose, my old Galaxy Mini (now is  broken) or this Galaxy Core? Both devices have their own plus and minus. Well, I prefer to choose this Galaxy Core.

I hope it will be long lasting with me and survive with me much better that my old Galaxy Mini which was only survive for less than two years due to unexplained damage on hardware. I knew, that it was too early for me to buy a new phone. Haha

So, what about your device, or let’s say, your mobile phone? Do you have some stories to tell about it?

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