I Didn’t Write Yesterday

I should’ve written a post yesterday, when I had a spare time in the morning. However, I didn’t do it, because I had to do several things, such as wash my laundry, wash the dishes, iron my clothes, and clean up my room. I planned to write a post in the studio, because yesterday I came to studio to help my friends to make a mock up for our third duty. But unfortunately, I couldn’t make it.

I didn’t expect that the wireless connection didn’t connect to the internet. The computer was connected to the local network, yet like I said before, it didn’t connect to the internet. So, that was one of the reasons why I didn’t write yesterday.

I went to the studio at twelve pm, and went back to the dorm room at 5.30 pm. I spent hours to cut the contour layers. It was so rigid, and I had to use my hand power a little bit more to cut the cardboard. I needed to use more cutter to do it as well. It hurt my fingers, it feels like my fingers are stiffing. Nonetheless, I don’t mind that, because I have an interest to make mock up.

Another reason why I didn’t write yesterday, because last night I couldn’t manage to do it. I went to have a hangout with my friends until 10 pm, then went back to my dorm. I planned to write a post soon after I arrived at the dorm. Unfortunately, the drowsiness beat my intention. I planned to sleep for about an hour, but the reality went different. I woke up, but not last night. I woke up this morning.

So, I am disappointed with myself, because I didn’t write yesterday. It screwed my plan to write every day. No matter how many posts I have written in this last two weeks, I still have to manage myself to hold my promise to write every day.

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