I Saw A Little Rabbit Died This Morning

I don’t see a rabbit every day. But this morning I saw one. It was a cute little white rabbit. She’s so adorable, and absolutely, undeniably cute. I saw her in the campus. In the ground floor, below our studio room. I didn’t expect that I could see that chubby rabbit. No joke, I am talking about a real animal.

Unfortunately for the little chubby rabbit, she couldn’t survive. She felt from the table and collapsed. I wasn’t sure whether her head hit the floor first or other body parts. She was stiffing, her eyes were still opened while she was stiffing. She was surrounded by some people including me. I couldn’t do anything, she looked so miserable.

It was just about one or two minutes, then there was no movement at all. She died with black eyes wide open. She was still looked cute, with only her little body, smaller than my shoe. I could feel her pain, though she couldn’t scream at all, because maybe her head struck and her brain was bleeding inside. I was sad to see that occurrence. It was one life, though she was just an animal.

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