Idle Mode

Oh yeah. It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote a post here. Though, it has not been a month yet, but I think I am like in an idle mode, where it seems that I don’t do anything (unproductive).

Truth to be told, I’ve always wanted to write here in this last few weeks. However it was not come to reality, at least until tonight. I still have “a debt” which I promised to write before. It was my resolution for this year 2014. Hey, how come I didn’t do it since three months ago, when almost all of the people in the world wrote it? Hell know, I’ve always wanted it to be well-planned. And it costed me a lot of ideas that didn’t come true.

I am not going to write much here. I was just thinking that it was so terrible if I didn’t do (write) anything, while I did not really busy.

Some posts will come up in next few days (hopefully), but it will not be the “2014 Resolution”. Then, what will be the posts? Ok, it will be related to “Old People” and about my new gadget that I am using to write this post.

Hopefully, this “idle mode” will not last for next few days and more.

See you again, fellas!

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