In My Teen Age

Back then when I was in my teen age, I dreamt of building things that will help people doing things in their lives. I did a lot of experiments with some electronic stuffs, and most of them ended up broken. Maybe not most of them, but all of them. My father was always mock me that I only could break things. Yeah, it was obvious, because that was all I did.

I remember when I broke his radio tape, I tried to fix it, and it worked, but only for a few days. After that it broke again, until today. I don’t know why we still keep that radio tape, and now it is still sit there under my bed. Maybe we’ll need more courage to throw it away, ignoring the memories our family had with that old radio tape.

Uh um… Anyway, back to the main topic, about my teen age. I love to draw since my early age (probably I have talked about it long time ago), I enjoyed draw things that I saw . When I was in my elementary school, I drew my neighbour’s house on my drawing book without even seeing it. I only recall the picture in my head, my father looked surprised that I could draw the house which looks very similar with our neighbour’s. I knew and he knew that I had a talent to be an architect. However, I have never enrolled to architecture school. Instead, I trapped in urban planning/studies school(s) for years.

I always drew things on my books, and my teacher always found my drawings. She noticed it everytime she walked near my bench. She didn’t like it, and told me that my habit will risk my rank in the class. She called me “cartoonhead,” but it didn’t matter, because deep inside my heart, I knew that she really cared about me, and I did love her as well.

I didn’t really care about my rank anymore at that time. It was only my parents who really cared about it. But, I still could make it to the top ten students in my school. [to be honest, I wish that ranking system would never been existed in school]

In my teen years, I also played video games. I dind’t have any game console, so I rented the video game, it was Playstation. I loved to play it, but now not anymore. I realize that I am not really good at playing game. I just loved to see the interaction/ reaction based on our commands in the game.

I know that those things above are not really well connected. But I do think that those puzzles will help me to find some things in life to make a different. It is not now, but who knows that I will make it in the future.

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