Is He a Boy?

It’s ridiculous

Now I’m gonna talk about an occasion this morning. I woke up earlier this morning. It was about 4.00 AM, an unusual thing for me in this recent time. I was just cannot close my eyes and returned to my dream. The first thing I did was fray of course then watched a movie “Riddick”. I realized that the others were woken up as well. The others, I mean, the other people in the boarding house. I rarely saw it.

Next, I walked around the place. People here, at Pare (Kediri) begun their activity earlier. I just realized it because it was the first time for me to walk around alone in the early morning in the place. This is what I wanted to talk about like I promised in the beginning part of this post. It was the occasion, when I passed a group of students.

a Boy?

They were girls who rode bicycle, and I was just walk wearing my short pants. There was nothing wrong with my shorts, actually.  The only matter thing was just my look, I assumed. I was just seeing them at a glance, and I couldn’t remember their faces. However, I could remember a question said by one of them. It was:

Is he a boy?

I didn’t remember that there was anybody near them at that time. So, I assumed that it was 100% me, the boy that the girl talked about. She asked it to her friends while I was still around them, and I could hear her voice clearly! So, what was my reaction, then? I kept walking without care the words.

Keep calm and carry on!

I walked hundreds of meters to reach my course. Then I met my friends in our room. I told them the story, and they were laugh. They were laughing at me, and they commented that perhaps the girl said it because of my haircut.

It was not my haircut, and it was not ridiculous. Let me talk about my haircut first. Actually, now I have a unique hairstyle. I only have my hair cut in one side, so another side of my head is still haired. If you cannot imagine it, just google “Skrillex haircut”. If you still cannot do it, then forget it and keep continue reading this post.

Yep, I know that my haircut is unique. It’s different, and for some people it looks like a girl’s haircut. But I don’t care at all. I have my hair cut like this because I want to try a haircut that not mainstream. Furthermore, Skrillex is my favorite DJ, so why I don’t try to have my hair cut like him. Despite, my hair is still short.

Back again, I still didn’t get why the girl said that. Was she didn’t realize that I am a man, did they see that I don’t have breasts, or did they see my legs? I am sure they didn’t. heee heee… so, what it means to me? Do I have to change my current haircut? I think no. I don’t have to do it. Moreover, I still want to enjoy my “anti-mainstream” haircut.

For you who has an “anti-mainstream” haircut, BRAVO!

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