I got a surprising situation a few nights ago. Surprisingly, my mobile phone got fixed, by nothing! Here’s the short story about it. About a month ago, my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Mini) got broken. I suspected that the cause was because I received a 600+ MB video via Bluetooth from my friend, it caused the component overheated. And suddenly, my mobile phone blackout. I couldn’t use it, anymore.


After tried some different methods many times, I still couldn’t fix it. I tried to bring it to the Samsung Service Center, but the result was same. So, I was just give up, and put it under my clothes in the cupboard. I was quite sad at that time, because I used to listen to my favorite songs using that god**mn phone. Couldn’t listen to my favorite songs, update status to my social network accounts, take pictures, record my voice, some parts of my passions were not fulfilled!


You Can See the Godd**n Phone
The hope is emerging. While I was waiting for the car to pick me up to Jogjakarta a few days ago, I got a “flash” inside my head. A flash that has been lead me to try once again to fix my mobile phone. I’m not a mobile phone technician or an electronic freak who could fix a godd**n broken mobile phone, I was just a curious man who tried to fix it with my own strive. Then, I rushed to grab my phone under the clothes in the dark small cupboard, and plugged it to the charger. I got a feeling before it, and suddenly the feeling was true. I saw a different kind of interface appeared on the screen.


That was a good sign to fix the god***n phone, because I could see “reset to factory setting” on the screen. It wasn’t appeared at my first attempts to fix it. In less than ten seconds, I chose that menu, and waited for a few minutes. Boom…. It worked! The feeling was super true. I was so excited to get my phone worked as it used to be. And fortunately my camp had a wifi connection, so I could set up my phone with my preferences. I downloaded and installed some necessary apps, then mounted my 2 GB memory in it. It was not a huge amount of memory, but the old data were enough to entertain me on my way to go to Jogjakarta.


From this situation, I can conclude that this phone is a super GODD**N phone. No, of course not, I don’t really know whether this phone has a soul or not. But it understood me when I was really missed it. It backs from the bloody death. So, I just wanna say, welcome back my GODD**N smarty phony! Very pleasure to meet ya again!


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