It Should Be Still My Holiday

It’s Monday, it usually be my holiday, because literally I don’t have any class today. However, since some classes were postponed before, so the lecturers set the schedule to be on this day. I usually went to campus on Monday, but there was no class to attend, and that was the time for me to go to the library. I love to be in the library. It makes me more “student”.

So, the schedule was changed, and I will have to attend two classes today. Uhm, I don’t wanna blame the schedule, instead I will try to enjoy those classes. But to be honest, I don’t feel happy if something screws my holiday. and here I am, sitting on a chair in the studio, trying to manage my mind to do some “college stuffs”.

It’s mid-November now, it means that the school will have a holiday next month. However, before it’s happening, we have to finish sooo many things, duties, final tests, and maybe some surveys again. I don’t know how much energy left to do those things, since I am already feel exhausted with all the activities. So, that’s why, holiday is importanto to meh.

Monday, be nice please!

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