It Sucks to Be Sick

I was sick for almost a week, and actually still not 100% now. I can say that it’s so suck to be in such condition where most of your time you spend on the bed waiting for your body to recover.

I don’t take any medicine since it’s not easy to get it here. I didn’t go to the doctor as well, because I had classes during the week, and to be honest I felt so lazy and so weak to get to the clinic. Yeah, I went to the class, because skipping it was not an option, and I don’t want to be failed because of it. So, I had to force myself to attend the class. And I must admit that I was not paying a good attention to the lectures.

I had a fever, and it was like two or three nights where I could barely sleep. The fever was so terrible, and I was shivering as well. Perfect combination to ruin my days, and nights.

I didn’t eat enough for days and I didn’t have enough food. So, I had to go out to buy some foods, it was not god at all, since the wind was strong and it was so cold outside.

This situation ruined my plans, yeah, but maybe this was the time for me to be sick. I had to cancel my plans to have a trip on last weekends, and a few other plans as well.

Now, thanks for the weekends I had. I am getting better now, although still not fully recovered yet. But at least I can start to cook again, and spend less time on the bed.

Hopefully, it will be the first and the last time for me to be sick here. I don’t wanna be sick anymore. Because it is so suck to be sick.

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