It’s Never Been Good If You Feel it In Your Sleep

When you only got three or four hour of sleep a day, your body will need more in the next days. I felt it, and I am sure that you sometimes feel it as well. If you don’t give your body what it needs, in this case, a proper duration of sleep, you will have to face the so call health problem. You will get head ache, and stuffs like that.

I was lack of sleep for several weeks, and it affected my body’s health. It reached the peak this last several days. I got sick, and of course it was not a good feeling. It screwed my activities, I couldn’t focus on my study, it means there were some duties unfinished, and it worried my mom for sure.

It has never been nice if you always be awaken in the middle of the night due to your illness. It’s never been fun if you have to feel your head like squeezed by a big hand. You wanted to scream but obviously you couldn’t. It was so painful.

Thank God, it’s getting better. At least now I can take a walk, though I have to get a dizziness afterwards. It’s like your head gains more weight and there’s like a magnet trying to pull it down. It has never been good.

Hopefully this beautiful body will be ok and stay ok for longer. Because, currently, the duties are getting wilder and I need my body 110% fit to conquer them all.

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