Just Do it This Afternoon

I felt tired this afternoon. I laid down on the bed in our boarding room. I was so tired, and I needed a rest even though it was just for a few minutes. I suspect it was caused by the tight schedule that I had, but honestly I didn’t blame it. I took the challenge and of course I had to do it. I was lucky because I wasn’t sick this afternoon. A friend of mine was getting sick, and he was lying beside me.


Just Do It!

Someone asked me whether I was ok or not. I was wondering, what would be my answer. If I answered I was sick, I could take some rest, however it would screw up the schedule. Oh yeah, I promised before, that I would handle the IELTS class this afternoon. So I thought that I had to wake up and handle the class.

I was glad, because it was not so bad. I enjoyed the time with the IELTS class students. I handled their speaking class, I mean, I was just watch them while they prepared themselves for their speaking. Some students asked me question about the IELTS speaking test, fortunately I knew the answer. I was just recalling my experience when I was still an IELTS student and my knowledge based on the books and videos.

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