I did my first presentation in front of the class today. It was a group presentation, me and my friend. We did a presentation about open space in front of our graduate friends and two lecturers. Before it we did that presentation, we spent days and nights worked on our powerpoint slides. It was a bit confusing, and of course. We were trying to put as many sources as we could on our presentation. It went well, but not really well, though.

We arranged more than 100 slides, which is a spectacular amount of slides. I have never done that before. Arranging 150 slides is not as easy as you can just read them. It required your brainstorming to deal with a bunch of sources which are impossible to put them all in one single file. I spent plenty of time to think which one to put in the presentation, and how to simplify it. One slide each time. And FYI, my desire to make it perfect didn’t work well as long as I was just thinking without doing anything.

After conducting the presentation, I realized that I was obviously left behind in so many aspects. And I know how to deal with it, which is by study hard.

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