Less Books, More Focus

I have returned a book to the library this morning. I have borrowed the book for more than two months. I did read the book, though it wasn’t finished yet. Actually, I borrowed two books, but I am still borrowing the other one, considering that I haven’t read 99% of the content. So, now I only have a book I borrow from the library, less than before.

I know that possibly, I still need the book (that I have returned) someday in the near future. However, I think, that was not work perfectly. I didn’t read it every day, instead I rarely opened the page. Now, with only one book I borrow, I have more time to focus on that book, moreover, I still have some other books with thousands of pages totally. Those books are my own books, and honestly, I haven’t read them all.

Hopefully, with fewer book on the room, I can pay more attention to them. Less distractions from other book, for a better focus for the current book in my hands.

*those books are in an “urban design” category.

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