Lost and Found (My Appetite)

So good to be back

Ok guys, it has been a long time to me to write again here. So, whatcha been up to? Erghh… been busy on some stuffs, from teaching to other things. So, what am I going to talk/write here? Uhum… I’d like to talk about lost and found that I felt a week ago. I lost and found it, and I’m so glad of it.

You’ve read the title, right? Yeah, I’ve lost my appetite, and it was terrible. It was a hard time, because in one side, I was so thin (until now) and need more nutrition, but in the other side, I don’t have any appetite. I was worried to be an anorexic.


Then, I recalled again when the last time I felt it. I guessed it was years ago. Surely it was not an enjoyable situation. I was so busy, I had to handle many classes every day and I was restless as well. So, I bet that it was a sign that I would get sick.

For several days I didn’t eat rice. I saw rice like a poisonous meal or just an illusion served on a plate. I tried some foods, from fried chicken to coto Makassar. Yes, it helped me, but in a minimal amount. A day after that, I lost my appetite again. And fortunately, I drank juice that might help me to keep survive without eating food.

I did fasting (sunnah) as well, and thank God, it was good for cleaning bacteria from my body.

I’ve lost my appetite for more than a week. I’m telling you again, fellas that losing appetite is not good. Unless you want to reduce your fat or saving money that costs you to buy meals.

Days gone by, finally I found my appetite again. I don’t know where I found it. But surely it came from the street vendor to street vendor journey. Do I happy about it? uhum, could be, at least I have to feed my monster appetite again. Heee heee….

For you who have lost appetite, keep moving! Maybe you can find your appetite in a street vendor far from your grandma’s house!

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